View Full Version : J1c????

08-18-2017, 12:59 AM
Hey I need some help determining my mtDNA subclade because I am missing so many damn SNPs because I have an Ancestry test. So the defining SNPs I have so far are : rs28359172 12612G, rs3928306 3010A, rs2853826 10398G. I have thought for some time know that I am J1c8 because I read in multiple places that 10398G is found usually in J1c8, but I did some more research and found that many another J1 have that same variation, which makes sense because J1c8 did not make any sense to me. If anyone can help find a way to my mtDNA even though I have a lot missing SNPS that would be swell, but I think it might be an impossible task with all the missing SNPs. Btw my maternal side is Bakhtiari if that helps at all.