View Full Version : Haplogroup L1'2'3'4'5'6 mtDNA accuracy

08-22-2017, 10:23 AM

I was wondering what the accuracy is for the WeGene Haplogroup system, i uploaded my Ancestry DNA raw data to the system and got the results for my material line to be L1'2'3'4'5'6 (from what i know its a African Haplogroup and <1% of Europeans have this group) and my Paternal line being R1b1a1a2a1a1c2b2a1b1a1. How accurate is this? My ancestry is 100% European but from what i know Ancestry DNA doesn't identify enough markers for the material side in order for it to make a coherent result.

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09-04-2017, 07:10 AM
It tends to be broadly accurate but non-specific for AncestryDNA data. What ancestral autosomal components does WeGene give you? It tends to be pretty accurate for these.