View Full Version : Percentage of DNA and Number of Segments Shared With Relatives

J Man
08-05-2013, 02:53 PM
I find the random inheritance of autosomal DNA to be an interesting topic and I am now wondering if a new match I have with a 2nd cousin of mine is within the range of normal variation or not? This cousin just showed up on my own, my mother's, and my great uncle's Relative Finder pages at 23andme. He and I both share the same great grandparents as our grandmothers were sisters. Here is what he shares with myself, my mother, and my great uncle (grandmother's brother) below.

Cousin vs. Me:

1.56% shared and 8 segments

Cousin vs. Mother:

4.77% shared and 16 segments

Cousin vs. Great Uncle:

8.91% shared and 30 segments

Now here is what I share with our great uncle.

Me vs. Great Uncle:

14.5% shared and 35 segments

So it appears that I share quite a bit more on the whole with our great uncle than he does. His total DNA shared percentage with me and number of segments also seem a bit low. Is this all within the normal range of variation though?