View Full Version : Is it possible to guesstimate when an ancestor lived based on a %?

10-06-2017, 09:57 PM
I apologise in advance for what is probably the most stupid question to ask.

What actually determines the %? Is it how many ancestors you have of said population or how recent/long ago those ancestors lived? The reason I ask is because I have two small results Iím having a some problems tracing.

I have a 6% Irish result which I canít yet materialise. I am almost certain itís real (family hearsay and logic based on where my family lives and the migrations), but Iím not sure at what point Iím going to bump into it.

I also have a 1.9% Scandinavian result which almost seems as if it was plucked out of thin air. For example, does this 1.9% mean this ancestor was from a very long time ago or that itís just one ancestor, possibly?

I apologise again. Iím really confused and I have no idea how Iím supposed to date any of this information since Iím hitting brick walls every other second.

10-06-2017, 11:19 PM
6% of something would indicate a great-great grandparent for example. Or it could be 3% from two separate great-great-grandparents. Or they may just say it's embedded DNA that's part of the DNA from some other group. Of course some will say it's ancient DNA how they determined that I don't know.