View Full Version : LivingDNA on Geneplaza and Gencove

10-07-2017, 01:47 PM
Both geneplaza.com and gencove.com accept the LivingDNA raw data .txt file without problems.
Geneplaza needed about three hours to process the raw data, gencove was done in 20 minutes.

The genetic apps seemed to work well, I tried the K12 Ancient Calculator on geneplaza (5) and the ancestry tool on both sites (free).
My ancestry tool results look similar to those on LivingDNA, the Germanic + British Isles combined is about 76%, the remaining 24% go into 23% Tuscany and 1.2% Arabia.
The tool picks it up as 97% West Eurasian (73% Northwest European, 23% Southwestern European, 2% Ambiguous European) and 3% Ambiguous. To my surprise, only these components were detected.
Sadly, none of the apps stated how many snp's were used to create the results.