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10-16-2017, 07:52 PM
Coverage map changed today, Mothers H3b1b1 haplogroup had essientially 20 countries until today, now has 40 countries represented- was Balkan 35% now has Taureg [Fezzan] 61% followed by Wales 60% Galicia 58% Spain 54% The rest were in the 30% range until England 27% and Ireland 23%, How does Toureg fit in with my 100% European. Living dna has me at 88.7% Great Britain and Ireland 29% Northwest England- 17% East Anglia. Complete mode- cautious mode 44.8% Irish related ancestry and 24.1% East anglia related ancestry,South Wales related ancestry 8.2% and Cornwall related ancestry 8.1% Fathers coverage map didn't change 60% Ireland- 50% Scotland- 50% Brittany- 50% Wales and only 15% England, coverage map probably doesn't mean much but thought I would mention it because they doubled the number of countries on mine anyway and how far down England is on my map, also just to mention Ancestry dna 87% Great Britain- Family tree dna 81% British nisles - 9% Iberian peninsula and 8% east european