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Kingdom of Salt, 7000 years of Hallstatt (http://www.museum-hallstatt.at/museum-shop.php) is a book well worth getting hold of. It is the story told by the exhibition at the museum in Hallstatt Austria.

Probably of greatest interest to forum members is the from the start of the bronze age when metal tools replaces antler picks. The oldest intact wooden staircase was found in one of the mines dated 1400 BC.


Salt mining was the source of wealth for the settlement at Hallstatt which literally means Place of Salt, Hall being a celtic element and Statt being germanic. There are many mines in this mountain.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/29/Dominic_Groebner_Hans_Reschreiter_NHM_Wien_Abb_Sal z-Reich_2008_Seite_67_1.tif/lossless-page1-220px-Dominic_Groebner_Hans_Reschreiter_NHM_Wien_Abb_Sal z-Reich_2008_Seite_67_1.tif.png

Hallstatt became wealthy, but there are no princely burials, just some wealthy ones. However, only about 1500 of an estimated 6000 graves have been excavated so this may change.

In addition to salt mining, curing hams was a major industry. Pigs were slaughtered and the hams cured high up in the valley above modern day Hallstatt.

The wealth and production came to an end around 400 BC when a huge earthslide caused most of the mines to fill up with debris. Much of the surface was destroyed and activity ceased. There was an attempt to start new mines which had limited success, higher up the valley. However, the area was a raised bog and the difficulties and increased cold in winter meant that the new mines never became as productive as they had been before lower down the valley.

When the romans occupied the area, they appear to have been content to remain in the settlement by the lakeside and, presumably, tax whatever production existed.

Bergbau = mining
Siedlung = settlement
Fleischindustrie = meat processing
Gräberfeld = gravefield
Friedhof = cemetary

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/7/7c/%C3%9Cbersicht_zu_den_Fundstellen_in_Hallstatt_und _im_Hallst%C3%A4tter_Salzbergtal.jpg/800px-%C3%9Cbersicht_zu_den_Fundstellen_in_Hallstatt_und _im_Hallst%C3%A4tter_Salzbergtal.jpg

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very cool story Authun, ty