View Full Version : 23andme v5 (New Version) vs AncestryDNA transfer

10-25-2017, 10:11 PM
For 23andme V5 transfer I got:

West Eurasian 59%
Northwest European 35%
Balkan 13%
Finnish 4.7%
Mid-Turkic 2.5%
Southwestern European 2.1%
Ambiguous 1.1%

African 39%
West African 37%
(Lower Niger Valley 34%
Mende/Akan 2.1%
Senegal River Valley 1.1%)
Southern African 2%

Ambiguous 1.7%

For AncestryDNA transfer I got:

West Eurasian 62%
Northwest European 40%
Northeast European 10%
(Finnish 5.6%
North Slavic 4.4%)
Southwestern European 5.8%
Balkan 5.2%
Ambiguous 1.3%

African 35%
West African 33%
(Lower Niger Valley 25%
Mende/Akan 8%)
East African 2%

Ambiguous 2.6%

Did anyone else's results change significantly in some areas when comparing 23andme v5 and AncestryDNA?

Wing Genealogist
10-25-2017, 10:26 PM
Given the fact the results were from two different companies, as well as the fact 23andMe is using a new chip (while Ancestry is still using the old chip) the results are IMHO surprisingly consistent. Different company results can be MUCH more different.

For example, my Ancestry DNA test only indicated I was 48% British (basically English & Scots) while my Living DNA test gave me almost 69% English & 9.5% Scots. Even more bizarrely (for me, at least) Living DNA gave me 20% Scandinavian while Ancestry gave me only 3.1% Scandinavian.

BTW: Living DNA uses the same new chip that 23andMe v5 uses. This chip can be customized, so Living DNA tests for very different SNPs than 23andMe v5.

10-30-2017, 08:41 PM
wow you got some pretty huge differences, maybe the small number of in common SNPs for V5 tosses the results a bit