View Full Version : 30 U152 in the study "Defining Y-SNP variation among the Flemish population"

11-05-2017, 01:07 PM
In the new study "Defining Y-SNP variation among the Flemish population" are 30 U152 with the following clades:

R1b R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) 4
R1b R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) 7
R1b R-Z34 1
R1b R-Z49*(xZ142) 5
R1b R-Z142 3
R1b R-Z36 2
R1b R-Z56*(xS47,Z144) 1
R1b R-S47 3
R1b R-Z144 1
R1b R-Z192 3

The full text is behind a paywall.

Has anybody access to the supplemental tables?

Perhaps there are the final SNP`s for these 30 U152 and the authors view regarding origin, history of U152 in the Flemish population.

11-05-2017, 07:18 PM
Apparently we can't post links, but if you google "Defining Y-SNP variation among the Flemish population," another Anthrogenica link pops up and it appears to have the supplemental information you're looking for.

11-05-2017, 07:19 PM
Might as well just post what I'm looking at, does this help?:

"We can get more SNPs in the Supplementary data

Sample Sub-haplogroup Minimal Reference Y-tree Sub-haplogroup AMY-tree version 2.2 Called Y-SNPs

MMML001 E-M34*(xM84) E1b1b1c1* [E-M34*] 11738
MMML002 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 10042
MMML003 I-Z59*(xZ60,Z2040) I1a2a* [I-Z59*] 11148
MMML004 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1c1 [R-DF100] 9894
MMML005 J-Z6065 J2a1* [J-L26*] 11029
MMML006 J-Z438 J2a1a1c3 [J-Z387] 12022
MMML007 R-CTS3402*(xL365) R1a1a1a2a1b1a* [R-CTS3402*] 10106
MMML008 I-Z59*(xZ60,Z2040) I1a2a* [I-Z59*] 11283
MMML009 G-PF3359 G2a3* [G-L190*] 11074
MMML010 J-FGC6064 J1b1* [J-L620*] 10987
MMML011 R-Z36 R1b1a2a1b2c [R-Z36] 9722
MMML012 I-CTS1977 I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11002
MMML013 R-Z301*(xU198,L48) R1b1a2a1a2b* [R-Z301*] 9750
MMML014 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9542
MMML015 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9735
MMML016 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9498
MMML017 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11980
MMML018 G-CTS4803 G2a3b2b [G-Z726] 11394
MMML019 R-M529*(xDF63,DF13) R1b1a2a1b3* [R-M529*] 10100
MMML020 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9575
MMML021 R-Z142 R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9219
MMML022 R-Z142 R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 10034
MMML023 I-L22*(xP109,Z74) I1a1c* [I-L22*] 11041
MMML024 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9740
MMML025 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a1* [R-Z8*] 10260
MMML026 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11759
MMML027 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9327
MMML028 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11676
MMML029 I-Z78 I2a2a1b2a2a [I-Z78] 11184
MMML030 R-Z301*(xU198,L48) R1b1a2a1a2b3 [R-L259] 9765
MMML031 R-Z49*(xZ142) R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9917
MMML032 R-Z18 R1b1a2a1a1* [R-Z18*] 10044
MMML033 J-Z438 J2a1a1c3 [J-Z387] 10647
MMML034 I-CTS6433*(xZ78) I2a2a1b2a2* [I-CTS6433*] 10809
MMML035 R-Z2125 R1a1a1a2b1b1 [R-Z2123] 10054
MMML036 R-DF41 R1b1a2a1b3a2 [R-DF41] 9667
MMML037 R-S47 R1b1a2a1b2d2a [R-S47] 9477
MMML038 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9715
MMML039 I-Z138 I1a2b [I-Z138] 10822
MMML040 G-Z738*(xCTS4803) G2a3b2a1 [G-L42] 11216
MMML041 I-L801*(xCTS1977,CTS6433) I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11233
MMML042 R-Z209*(xZ216,CTS4065) R1b1a2a1b1a1a* [R-Z209*] 9875
MMML043 L-M357*(xM2398) L1d* [L-M357*] 11007
MMML044 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a* [R-Z156*] 10056
MMML045 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9730
MMML046 R-Z49*(xZ142) R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 10538
MMML047 I-L1229 I2a2a1a* [I-L1229*] 11054
MMML048 I-Z63*(xL1237) I1a3* [I-Z63*] 10866
MMML049 R-Z18 R1b1a2a1a1a [R-L257] 9699
MMML050 T-L131 T1b* [T-L131*] 11414
MMML051 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9884
MMML052 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9759
MMML053 R-DF21*(xP314,Z246,S3058) R1b1a2a1b3a1* [R-DF21*] 11094
MMML054 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9774
MMML055 I-M253*(xZ131,DF29) I1c [I-AMM438] 11061
MMML056 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9649
MMML057 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9601
MMML058 R-S47 R1b1a2a1b2d2a [R-S47] 9549
MMML059 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9783
MMML060 R-Z9*(xZ30,Z331) R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9699
MMML061 J-FGC11 J1b1b3a1* [J-L858*] 13285
MMML062 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11718
MMML063 I-L22*(xP109,Z74) I1a1c* [I-L22*] 11160
MMML064 R-Z144 R1b1a2a1b2d1 [R-Z144] 9671
MMML065 I-L22*(xP109,Z74) I1a1c* [I-L22*] 10372
MMML066 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9556
MMML067 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a* [R-Z7*] 9413
MMML068 R-S47 R1b1a2a1b2d2a [R-S47] 9958
MMML069 R-Z251 R1b1a2a1b3a7 [R-Z251] 9718
MMML070 I-M26 I2a1a1* [I-M26*] 11019
MMML071 E-V65 E1b1b1a1b [E-V65] 11375
MMML072 I-Z59*(xZ60,Z2040) I1a2a* [I-Z59*] 11182
MMML073 R-Z251 R1b1a2a1b3a7 [R-Z251] 9767
MMML074 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1* [R-S127*] 9706
MMML075 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9538
MMML076 R-Z216*(xZ214) R1b1a2a1b1a1a1* [R-Z216*] 9610
MMML077 R-Z2125 R1a1a1a2b1b1 [R-Z2123] 10402
MMML078 I-Z140 I1a2a1b1 [I-AMM442] 10807
MMML079 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9544
MMML080 R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) R1b1a2a1b2* [R-U152*] 10069
MMML081 I-Z138 I1a2b [I-Z138] 10514
MMML082 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9838
MMML083 I-L701 I2a2a1b1* [I-L701*] 11045
MMML084 T-L131 T1b* [T-L131*] 11124
MMML085 R-DF49*(xDF23) R1b1a2a1b3a3* [R-DF49*] 9809
MMML086 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a* [R-Z7*] 9492
MMML087 I-L1229 I2a2a1a* [I-L1229*] 11365
MMML088 I-L1237 I1a3a [I-L1237] 10849
MMML089 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a1a* [R-Z1*] 9509
MMML090 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9577
MMML091 R-Z225 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9406
MMML092 R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) R1b1a2a1b2* [R-U152*] 9808
MMML093 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9830
MMML094 R-Z283*(xM458,Z91,Z284) R1a1a1a2a* [R-Z283*] 10534
MMML095 I-L1229 I2a2a1a* [I-L1229*] 10988
MMML096 R-M412*(xL11) R1b1a2a* [R-L23* ] 9819
MMML097 I-Z60*(xZ2539,Z140) I1a2a1* [I-Z60*] 10671
MMML098 R-L448 R1a1a1a2a1c1 [R-L448] 10423
MMML099 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a1a* [R-Z1*] 9503
MMML100 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 10022
MMML101 R-L47 R1b1a2a1a2b2a1a* [R-L46*] 9707
MMML102 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9793
MMML103 R-Z192 R1b1a2a1b2e [R-Z192] 9720
MMML104 G-CTS4803 G2a3b2b [G-Z726] 11012
MMML105 I-Z59*(xZ60,Z2040) I1a2a* [I-Z59*] 11171
MMML106 R-L48*(xL47,Z9) R1b1a2a1a2b2* [R-L48*] 9694
MMML107 R-Z2552 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 10378
MMML108 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a* [R-Z156*] 9710
MMML109 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1* [R-Z2*] 9836
MMML110 R-L389*(xP297) R1b1* [R-L389*] 10379
MMML111 J-L283 J2b2d [J-L283*] 11065
MMML112 I-L22*(xP109,Z74) I1a1c* [I-L22*] 11351
MMML113 R-DF99 R1b1a2a1b6 [R-DF99] 10393
MMML114 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9376
MMML115 R-Z92 R1a1a1a2a1b2 [R-Z92] 10102
MMML116 Q-L245 Q1b1a [Q-L245] 10340
MMML117 R-Z301*(xU198,L48) R1b1a2a1a2b* [R-Z301*] 9636
MMML118 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9727
MMML119 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 10272
MMML120 R-Z18 R1b1a2a1a1* [R-Z18*] 9653
MMML121 I-L801*(xCTS1977,CTS6433) I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11163
MMML122 R-Z49*(xZ142) R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9869
MMML123 R-Z209*(xZ216,CTS4065) R1b1a2a1b1a1a* [R-Z209*] 9694
MMML124 R-L47 R1b1a2a1a2b2a1a* [R-L46*] 9808
MMML125 I-CTS6433*(xZ78) I2a2a1b2a2* [I-CTS6433*] 11267
MMML126 I-P109 I1a1c1 [I-P109] 10936
MMML127 R-L513 R1b1a2a1b3a5b [R-Z249] 9929
MMML128 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9146
MMML129 R-Z192 R1b1a2a1b2e [R-Z192] 9721
MMML130 R-Z49*(xZ142) R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9574
MMML131 I-CTS1977 I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11168
MMML132 I-L1229 I2a2a1a* [I-L1229*] 11382
MMML133 R-Z262 R1b1a2a1b1a2a1 [R-Z262] 9607
MMML134 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9696
MMML135 I-L1286 I2a1a2 [I-L1286] 10805
MMML136 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9634
MMML137 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9488
MMML138 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9906
MMML139 A1-M31 A1* [A-M31*] 13832
MMML140 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 10192
MMML141 R-Z36 R1b1a2a1b2c [R-Z36] 9901
MMML142 I-Z74*(L813) I1a1c4* [I-Z74*] 11354
MMML143 R-Z192 R1b1a2a1b2e [R-Z192] 9671
MMML144 I-M284 I2a2a1* [I-CTS616*] 11256
MMML145 R-L513 R1b1a2a1b3a5b [R-Z249] 9720
MMML146 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1* [R-Z2*] 10226
MMML147 J-Z7671 J2a1b2* [J-M67*] 11097
MMML148 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9487
MMML149 R-Z251 R1b1a2a1b3a7 [R-Z251] 9671
MMML150 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9841
MMML151 R-L513 R1b1a2a1b3a5b [R-Z249] 10079
MMML152 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9645
MMML153 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9375
MMML154 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a* [R-Z7*] 9992
MMML155 R-P312*(xL238,DF19,DF99,DF27,U152,M529) R1b1a2a1b* [R-P312*] 9639
MMML156 R-Z2557 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9748
MMML157 T-Z709 T1a1a [T-P77] 11245
MMML158 I-Z2539 I1a2a1a [I-Z2539] 11000
MMML159 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9561
MMML160 I-Z138 I1a2b [I-Z138] 10847
MMML161 G-CTS4803 G2a3b2b [G-Z726] 11272
MMML162 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 10567
MMML163 R-U198 R1b1a2a1a2b1* [R-U198*] 9756
MMML164 I-M284 I2a2a1* [I-CTS616*] 11381
MMML165 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9853
MMML166 I-L22*(xP109,Z74) I1a1c* [I-L22*] 10719
MMML167 J-L227 J2a1b2b1 [J-L227] 10820
MMML168 R-Z142 R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9943
MMML169 I-L801*(xCTS1977,CTS6433) I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11396
MMML170 R-Z34609 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9819
MMML171 I-Z2539 I1a2a1a [I-Z2539] 10862
MMML172 I-Z140 I1a2a1b* [I-Z140*] 11149
MMML173 R-Z49*(xZ142) R1b1a2a1b2b2 [R-Z49] 9388
MMML174 I-CTS595*(xM26,L1286) I2a1a* [I-CTS595*] 10861
MMML175 J-Z6065 J2a1* [J-L26*] 11446
MMML176 R-L2*(xZ367,Z49) R1b1a2a1b2b* [R-L2*] 9880
MMML177 J-PF7264 J1b1c [J-PF7264] 11323
MMML178 R-Z331 R1b1a2a1a2b2b* [R-Z9*] 9840
MMML179 R-Z56*(xS47,Z144) R1b1a2a1b2d* [R-Z56*] 9760
MMML180 R-U106*(xZ8057,Z18,Z381,FGC396) R1b1a2a1a* [R-U106*] 9609
MMML181 R-Z262 R1b1a2a1b1a2a1 [R-Z262] 9607
MMML182 R-Z34609 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9759
MMML183 R-Z198*(xZ262) R1b1a2a1b1a2a* [R-Z198*] 9639
MMML184 R-M529*(xDF63,DF13) R1b1a2a1b3* [R-M529*] 9803
MMML185 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11800
MMML186 R-U198 R1b1a2a1a2b1* [R-U198*] 9676
MMML187 J-L283 J2b2d [J-L283*] 11000
MMML188 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1* [R-Z2*] 9810
MMML189 R-DF27*(xZ225,Z2552,Z2557,Z2560,Z31644,Z34609,Z195) R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 10014
MMML190 R-Z262 R1b1a2a1b1a2a1 [R-Z262] 9576
MMML191 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9640
MMML192 R-L48*(xL47,Z9) R1b1a2a1a2b2* [R-L48*] 9436
MMML193 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9448
MMML194 I-Z140 I1a2a1b1 [I-AMM442] 10851
MMML195 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a1b [R-Z11] 9928
MMML196 R-Z2534 R1b1a2a1b3a8a [R-Z2534] 9537
MMML197 I-Z63*(xL1237) I1a3* [I-Z63*] 11074
MMML198 R-DF41 R1b1a2a1b3a2 [R-DF41] 9526
MMML199 G-CTS4803 G2a3b2b [G-Z726] 10992
MMML200 R-L47 R1b1a2a1a2b2a* [R-L47*] 9556
MMML201 G-PF3359 G2a3* [G-L190*] 10876
MMML202 R-Z30 R1b1a2a1a2b2b1a1a1 [R-Z6] 9179
MMML203 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9948
MMML204 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 10658
MMML205 R-DF63 R1b1a2a1b3b [R-DF63] 9891
MMML206 R-U106*(xZ8057,Z18,Z381,FGC396) R1b1a2a1a* [R-U106*] 10933
MMML207 J-Z438 J2a1a1c3 [J-Z387] 10611
MMML208 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9676
MMML209 I-Z63*(xL1237) I1a3* [I-Z63*] 11039
MMML210 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9807
MMML211 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1c1 [R-DF100] 9499
MMML212 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9454
MMML213 R-Z2103 R1b1a2a2c [R-AMM1800] 9602
MMML214 R-M269*(xL23) R1b1a2* [R-M269*] 10660
MMML215 I-Z2539 I1a2a1a [I-Z2539] 10704
MMML216 J-M92 J2a1b2a1* [J-M92*] 10816
MMML217 G-Z738*(xCTS4803) G2a3b2* [G-L497*] 10730
MMML218 R-Z34609 R1b1a2a1b1* [R-DF27*] 9797
MMML219 R-Z2103 R1b1a2a2a [R-AMM1783] 9878
MMML220 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9710
MMML221 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1c1 [R-DF100] 9685
MMML222 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 10090
MMML223 R-FGC396 R1b1a2a1a* [R-U106*] 9633
MMML224 I-Z140 I1a2a1b1 [I-AMM442] 10946
MMML225 R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) R1b1a2a1b2* [R-U152*] 9473
MMML226 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9737
MMML227 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1* [R-AM00485*] 9879
MMML228 R-Z2103 R1b1a2a2c [R-AMM1800] 9750
MMML229 R-U152*(xL2,Z36,Z56,Z192) R1b1a2a1b2* [R-U152*] 9843
MMML230 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9246
MMML231 I-Z138 I1a2b [I-Z138] 11145
MMML232 R-M582 R1a1a1a2b1a1a [R-M582] 10047
MMML233 R-L47 R1b1a2a1a2b2a* [R-L47*] 9689
MMML234 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1c1 [R-DF100] 9829
MMML235 I-P109 I1a1c1 [I-P109] 10633
MMML236 R-L11*(xU106,P312) R1b1a2a1c1 [R-DF100] 9311
MMML237 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9699
MMML238 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 10027
MMML239 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11888
MMML240 J-Z438 J2a1a1c3 [J-Z387] 10840
MMML241 E-V13 E1b1b1a2c [E-AMM1902] 11790
MMML242 R-Z2534 R1b1a2a1b3a8a [R-Z2534] 9535
MMML243 I-Z2539 I1a2a1a [I-Z2539] 10959
MMML244 R-Z18 R1b1a2a1a1* [R-Z18*] 9880
MMML245 I-CTS1977 I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 10719
MMML246 J-L283 J2b2d [J-L283*] 10300
MMML247 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 10004
MMML248 I-L38 I2a2b [I-L38] 11329
MMML249 R-L48*(xL47,Z9) R1b1a2a1a2b2* [R-L48*] 9397
MMML250 I-CTS1977 I2a2a1b2a* [I-L801*] 11237
MMML251 J-Z438 J2a1a1c3 [J-Z387] 10720
MMML252 R-Z18 R1b1a2a1a1a [R-L257] 9207
MMML253 I-Z59*(xZ60,Z2040) I1a2a* [I-Z59*] 10585
MMML254 J-Z500*(xM92) J2a1b2a2 [J-PF7394] 10880
MMML255 I-L38 I2a2b [I-L38] 11254
MMML256 R-Z209*(xZ216,CTS4065) R1b1a2a1b1a1a* [R-Z209*] 10024
MMML257 I-M26 I2a1a1* [I-M26*] 10869
MMML258 R-Z34 R1b1a2a1b2b1b1 [R-Z35] 9545
MMML259 R-DF49*(xDF23) R1b1a2a1b3a3* [R-DF49*] 9959
MMML260 I-M253*(xZ131,DF29) I1c [I-AMM438] 10695
MMML261 R-DF19 R1b1a2a1b5a [R-AMM1887] 9793
MMML262 R-DF13*(xDF21,DF41,DF49,L513,L1335,Z251,Z253,Z255,Y3 550) R1b1a2a1b3a* [R-Z2542*] 9645
MMML263 R-CTS4065 R1b1a2a1b1a1a* [R-Z209*] 9497
MMML264 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a1a [R-AMM486] 9350
MMML265 R-L47 R1b1a2a1a2b2a* [R-L47*] 10680
MMML266 R-Z2122*(xM582) R1a1a1a2b1a* [R-Z2122*] 10474
MMML267 R-Z2534 R1b1a2a1b3a8a [R-Z2534] 9838
MMML268 R-Z209*(xZ216,CTS4065) R1b1a2a1b1a1a* [R-Z209*] 9926
MMML269 J-L283 J2b2d [J-L283*] 11192
MMML270 R-Z156 R1b1a2a1a2a* [R-Z156*] 9973

11-05-2017, 07:49 PM
What do you think about the origin of these 30 U152 in Flanders? Celts, Romans, Germans, Others?

11-05-2017, 08:18 PM
To minimise duplication here is the thread on this study which was started earlier: