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Thanks for that link. I started to get interested in the archaeology of the Mosel valley after visiting the roman underground Tuff quarries and the quarries where roman quern stones were made from the basalt columns. That got me interested in the celtic 'napoleon hat' type quernstones and the Potin coins. A lot of this stuff went along the roman road to Andernach on the Rhine and was shipped either upriver to Mainz or downriver to places like Xanten and on into what is now the Netherlands. There is anothe article here which some readers may find interesting:

An inventory of finds of potin coins from west and southwest Germany (http://www.persee.fr/web/revues/home/prescript/article/galia_0016-4119_1995_num_52_1_3132)

The distribution of things like pre roman celtic coins, napoleon hat querns etc is interesting because the distribution gives an indication of the extent of celtic influence. Some of these things cross the Rhine and into Hessen but, as far as I can tell, concentration is much lower and all are south of the mountain summits where the rivers flow into the Rhine/Main and none are to the north of the summits, where the rivers flow towards the north sea. This range of mountain summits appears to be the demarcation line between celtic groups and those who lived to their north, probably highly mobile groups who lived in settlements for a coupleof generations before moving further westwards, judging by the movement of OSS type houses.