View Full Version : Mer/Mair/Maher

11-12-2017, 10:59 AM
I have recently come across this group of people by accident. I have never heard of them but I started to look through traditional native Indian surnames of my matches. These matches are distant but heavily populous in my mums matches.

I found surnames such as Solanki, Odedra, Chauhan etc. All these surnames have one thing in common in that they relate to the Mahers/Mairs.

Does anyone know much about them? As far as I can tell they were classed as Rajput/Kshaytria and came from Georgia ends through Iran and Baluchistan? Further to this the Odedras settled in Sindh.

I do seem to have high readings for Sindh and Baluchistan in more ancient DNA admix's for those who have seen my results.

Your thoughts would be appreciated...