View Full Version : Best GEDmatch Autosomal Calculator For West Eurasians

J Man
08-26-2013, 10:57 PM
Recently I asked Polako which of his calculators on GEDmatch is the very best for sorting out the different types of autosomal ancestry for West Eurasians. Here is what I asked below.

''Which test of your's on GEDmatch would you say is probably the very best for separating out different types of autosomal ancestry for West Eurasians? Would it be the Eurogenes K9 calculator?''

And his reply.

''Yeah, I'd say the K9 or the hunter-gatherer test.''

I then asked him about the origins of the North European or Baltic hunter-gatherer (essentially just North European) component in these calculators as it is the component that makes up the majority of my own results.

''Okay thanks. My last question for this one here then. How did the North European component from the K9 or the Baltic hunter-gatherer component from the hunter-gatherer vs. farmer which is essentially just a North European ancestral component become so widespread and become the dominant ancestral component from Ireland in the west to Russia in the East?''

And his reply.

''Basically because these populations share similar ancestry and genetic drift. But I don't think anyone really knows the details yet of why that is so. The answer probably lies in what happened in Central Europe during the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age, when the modern European gene pool formed.''