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11-24-2017, 06:47 PM
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Whole Y-chromosome sequences reveal an extremely recent origin of the most common North African paternal lineage E-M183 (M81).

Solé-Morata N1, García-Fernández C1, Urasin V2, Bekada A3, Fadhlaoui-Zid K4, Zalloua P5, Comas D6, Calafell F7.
Author information
E-M183 (E-M81) is the most frequent paternal lineage in North Africa and thus it must be considered to explore past historical and demographical processes. Here, by using whole Y chromosome sequences from 32 North African individuals, we have identified five new branches within E-M183. The validation of these variants in more than 200 North African samples, from which we also have information of 13 Y-STRs, has revealed a strong resemblance among E-M183 Y-STR haplotypes that pointed to a rapid expansion of this haplogroup. Moreover, for the first time, by using both SNP and STR data, we have provided updated estimates of the times-to-the-most-recent-common-ancestor (TMRCA) for E-M183, which evidenced an extremely recent origin of this haplogroup (2,000-3,000 ya). Our results also showed a lack of population structure within the E-M183 branch, which could be explained by the recent and rapid expansion of this haplogroup. In spite of a reduction in STR heterozygosity towards the West, which would point to an origin in the Near East, ancient DNA evidence together with our TMRCA estimates point to a local origin of E-M183 in NW Africa.


Same TMRCA calculated by Yfull


So according to TMRCA (Time of Most Recent Common Ancestor) estimates, all carriers of this haplogroup descend from a common ancestor who lived only about 2,200 years ago...