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12-09-2017, 11:25 PM
I am a complete layperson. So I apologize in advance if my assumptions sound completely ridiculous and incorrect.
Based on my results on various calculators I have noticed the following:
SOUTH INDIAN- I score highest of this component in most cases. This component peaks in lower caste and tribal people I think. So is this component represents indigenous australoids?
BALOCH/IRANIAN/DRAVIDIAN- I score lower of it than most south asian users I think. This component peaks in south Indian castes, if I am right?
SOUTHEAST ASIAN- I score siginificant of this component. This component is related to central indian tribals perhaps. But unlike east and north east indians I don't score any northeast asian.
INDO-ARYAN/STEPPE- I score low level of it in most calculators. This component peaks in North Indians, higher caste people(especially brahmins) all over India.
But the most surprising was me scoring higher Karasuk e scythian(15.9%) in k12.
So I think I am mostly have australoid ancestry, followed by Dravidian, then southeast asian and some trace steppe ancestry.
With the limited info in my raw data, my y haplogroup is predicted to be L.
I would love inputs from folks here who unlike me have actual understanding and knowledge regarding this matter.
So can you guys please help me in this(I am confused tbh)?

12-10-2017, 04:27 PM
yeah most of what you said seems right, except the australoid and ASE are not synonymous. The south east eurasian component on K12 is based on tribals in india and south east asia. Australoid is based on Eastern non-african component. South asians have more of the ASE, not australoid.
Haplogroup L if im not wrong is associated with original IVC people since this haploroup is highest in baloch/brahui and south indians. These groups most likely emerged from same source, but later on mixed with different populations as they split. The IVC people that migrated south mixed with the tribals that were already there, and created modern south indians. Baloch people mixed heavily with iranic people since they were part of persian empire throughout history, hence they are very different from south indians now.