View Full Version : What is the recommended setup for raw DNA data analysis?

12-11-2017, 03:22 PM
IŽd like to be able to process my WGS and WES FASTA and BAM files and generate VCF files suitable for Promethease and identify variants on Y chromosome, calculate Y-STR values, create GEDMATCH compatible files etc.

It looks like most tools are available for Linux only. So my question is

What hardware is necessary? I'd like to use a bit older Dell Precision Workstation T3600 with 32 GB RAM, I'm not sure with the required disk space to be able to work with 100 GB FASTA files, SSD would be good choice I think.

And software - which Linux distribution would be the best? And what DNA tools to choose?

Is there any guide or how-to for these tasks?

12-18-2017, 01:25 AM
I'd say a stronger processor rather than high RAM would make more difference. I have an i7 setup overclocked to 4 GHZ and it is very fast when it comes to Running R for Dodecad calculator files. In my experience when it comes to linux, arch linux is the most solid, as you can customize it like legos, so the maximum resources goes to DNA processing.