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12-11-2017, 11:34 PM
Each time I open Anthrogenica I get this message that it has been detected that this website is trying to use my browser as a blockchain currency miner.

https://c.top4top.net/p_710ll8o91.png (https://up.top4top.net/)20386

12-12-2017, 04:26 AM
This post might belong in the lounge, but if anyone else is seeing the same thing, then something very weird is going on with this site today.

Every time I open this website, my Macbook's fans start going crazy. Checking the CPU load, it is showing almost 50% of the max load when it is otherwise no more than 5-10%. Look at the load vs time here:


The peaks are when I opened this site. It drops right back down when I close it. Chrome's taskmanager confirms it is this site doing it:


There are no ads here. What's happening? And is anyone else seeing this?

If I didn't know better, I'd think someone was trying to mine bitcoins! :P

12-12-2017, 05:21 AM
Beware Anthrogenica people. My Norton Antivirus software blocked a JSCoinminer Download 10 from coming on to my computer from this website.

12-12-2017, 06:19 AM
Interesting, my computer has been doing the same thing today. My fans start within a minute of opening the site.

12-16-2017, 04:57 PM
yeh there was a coin miner on the site. seems clear now

12-16-2017, 05:23 PM

Please see this thread regarding the cryptocurrency mining bug issue (http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?12939-Recent-Downtime-(12-12-17-12-16-17)&p=324409#post324409), which we confirm has been resolved.

A Norfolk L-M20
12-16-2017, 08:35 PM
Thanks to the staff for tackling this issue. It's good to be back.