View Full Version : Recent Downtime (12/12/17-12/16/17)

12-16-2017, 05:18 PM
Dear members,

Anthrogenica has just returned online following a four day downtime period beginning 12/12/17.

The forum was closed as a precautionary measure following member reports on the 11th and 12th December 2017 suggesting a cryptocurrency mining script had been inserted in our server space. Following consultation with a security expert, the implicated new file was located and has been removed. The site appears to have been targeted due to our high traffic.

We are confident that the issue has now been resolved. If members continue experiencing CPU spikes (>50%) or receive anti-malware prompts while browsing the site, please PM an administrator immediately.

We were scheduled for several security upgrades before the end of 2017. Please be advised that any further downtime this month should therefore be anticipated by our members. We are also working with our security expert to a prevent future recurrence.

Finally, we received some private messages regarding potential privacy breeches. Please be informed that there is no evidence whatsoever of any compromise to member data. If this is a concern, you are advised to modify any personal attributes (email, date of birth) to something generic (that you have access to in the case of email). This should be considered standard practise on the Internet (please maximize your anonymity where possible).

Thank you for your understanding,

12-18-2017, 08:40 PM
Dear members,

As hinted above, the first anticipated period of downtime is due to begin within the next few days. Barring any difficulties, we shouldn't be away for more than a day at most.

Thank you,

12-24-2017, 04:39 AM
Hi all,

I noted a few comments of surprise or concern over the past few days regarding our absence. As evidenced from the above, prior warning was given!

The site may be a bit buggy over the coming days, particularly as we're imminently due to upgrade to vBulletin version 4.2.5, but we'll keep an eye on things and iron any issues out as they emerge.

I'll be opening a thread in the "Forum Support" section shortly. Any issues, please let us know through there. Thank you!

[Edit]: I'll actually be closing that thread for the time being, as...
a) Our upgrade is imminent and some of these bugs will be addressed through it
b) We recently changed PHP, with some of these 500 Internal Error's stemming from that (I've addressed a couple instances of this manually now), awaiting host input

Thread will be opened properly once the above have been worked through.