View Full Version : (Meagre) info in the below pics from South Asia conference in Max Planck Institute

12-18-2017, 12:53 PM
There are some pictures posted from the conference by organiser Ayushi Nayak on her twitter (https://twitter.com/ayushi_nayak) page and some of them are very interesting! Especially the pic from Dr Niraj Rai's presentation- this one (https://twitter.com/ayushi_nayak/status/941656037597306880).

It may be a bit too hasty and is definitely very speculative on my part to discuss that conference from the extremely meagre amount of information gleaned from those pictures, but I couldn't help doing what I am doing now lol.

What's with the ASI in that picture moving into India from across the Arabian sea?! Does that direction into southern K'taka-TN-southern Andhra location from where it spread north indicate the southern coastal route spread associated with the first Homo sapiens colonisation of India, like 50k-60k years ago? If so, why is the route so far off in the Arabian sea? The route the sister group to ASI, the ancestors of Andaman islanders took also seems to be in the hard oceans. What's that slide telling us?

Or is that slide only showing one of their previous working hypotheses and more (accurate) information is present in Dr Rai's later slides?