View Full Version : Interpreting Asia South Percentage

12-19-2017, 01:38 AM
I received 2% Asia South on AncestryDNA. I am trying to interpret this percentage in light of my other results:

FTDNA myOrigins 2.0 - <2% Central Asia
DNA Land - 1% Kalash
GenePlaza K29 Admixture - 3.4% Turkmen (I believe the K25 Admixture put me at 2% Indian)
Eurogenes K13 - 1.38 South Asia
Eurogenes K36 - 0.74 Central Asian, 0 South Asian
MDLP World - 1.41 Indian
HarappaWorld - 0.67 S-Indian

Both of my parents tested with AncestryDNA and neither of them received Asia South (although my Dad was a surprising 5% Caucasus). My known paper trail is approximately 65% British Isles, 33% Germany, France, and Switzerland, and 2% Native American. I am trying to determine if I should interpet my Asian percentages as indicative of possible Roma ancestry, a possible connection to British India, or just plain noise. Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!