View Full Version : We Are Back! (30/12/2017)

12-30-2017, 09:59 AM
Dear Members,

After a week of further downtime, I'm very pleased to announce that Anthrogenica's security updates have been completed in their entirety. :)

We now have the following:

1) SSL certification across our domain (though it may not appear across all pages just yet)

2) vBulletin 4.2.5 upgrade

3) Security oversight through Sucuri and Quttera

4) On-call online security expert

As mentioned above, SSL certification is present on the site (please feel free to check for yourselves (https://www.whynopadlock.com/)), but I'll have to edit several files specific to each page along the way to have it visually confirmed.

I would like to apologise profusely to our regulars for the protracted period of downtime, which was caused in large part by some unanticipated issues with our third party contractor. I took it upon myself (stayed up tonight) to action the requested tasks instead, after we learned the completion of these tasks were not likely to be imminent. I'm looking forward to grabbing a few hours of sleep quite shortly!

One of our members picked up some redirect scripts running from our index page on 24th December 2017. I can confirm this was an inactive leftover from the Cryptocurrency mining bug that was embedded in our server space in mid-December 2017. I have taken care of the underlying exploit and our new security measures should hopefully prevent future occurrences from taking place.

These changes would not have been possible without our regulars, whose financial contributions permitted us to swiftly undertake all the recommendations from our security expert. On behalf of the administration, I thank you for your faith in us and backing our ability to support this community. If you are a regular member who would like to contribute to our community's upkeep, please refer to this outline of how you may contribute (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?7757-Anthrogenica-Sustainability-amp-Your-Support).

I would also like to personally thank our wonderful security expert for steadfastly guiding us through the clean-up process and casting a steely eye on our server when we needed their input most. Their invaluable contribution made our relatively quick return possible.

On a final note before I crash, I've spent a good couple hours debugging the forum and can confirm the following all work as before:
1) Activity Stream updating and normal
2) Post edits not returning 500 Internal Errors
3) Viewing different pages is achievable
4) Search function works again
5) No spurious double posts

Glad to have brought us back before the year's close. There will be a few nifty changes and announcements over the next week, but for now...

...Welcome home, friends! :beerchug: