View Full Version : Mephisto´s [First] K2 Admixture Calculator

01-02-2018, 03:48 PM
Hello, In the last couple days I prepared my first little admixture calculator (K=2), however, I am currently struggling a little bit. I finished all needed files (.alleles,.par, .F), however, I do not know if I made all steps corectly. When I try to run my calculator I get an error message, apparently it is the .F file which makes problems. The error I get when I try to run the calculator:
This is how the .F file itself looks like:
I know that we have some candidates in this forum who made also their own calculators. Could someone please help. I plan to make a real (or more useful) calculator if I cansolve this problem on my way to make an own admixture calculator. I plan to make another calculator with the same dataset (includes plenty of Middle Eastern populations) but higher K (maybe K10 or K15 for now). Thank you and I hope someone can help.