View Full Version : FTDNA Y-dna testers: Please join your appropriate FTDNA Haplogroup Project(s)

01-06-2018, 04:48 PM
For those men that know your y-haplogroup, I encourage you to join the appropriate FTDNA haplogroup projects. If you don't know your y-dna line, you can find your current terminal SNP and all ancestral SNPs on the main page in the y-dna section by clicking Haplotree & SNPs. FTDNA's y-dna haplotree will appear and you can scroll up to follow your line (from recent to older).


For example if you are R1b-U152 (or one of it's subclades), then you could join the following projects (once you login to FTDNA):

R1b All Subclades, https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-1b/about/background
R P312 & Subclades, https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-p312/about/background
R-U152 and Subclades https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/r-1b-u152/about/background

In doing so you may find branch matches that you wouldn't otherwise see. The admin in these groups can provide testing guidance & assistance.


01-06-2018, 05:37 PM
Sometimes it is nearly impossible to find the right project(s).