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01-06-2018, 04:57 PM
So I receive my Full Genomes interpretation file. I have no idea how to read it. Tried sending a few emails to Michal. Well over a week now. Just dropped a post in the R1a project. Is there anyone skilled enough to be able to help me figure our my placement?

01-06-2018, 05:24 PM

01-06-2018, 08:38 PM
I've just received mine as well mate and they confirm much of what I already knew about my terminal SNP.

The 'yknot' report will give you a current terminal SNP and you should see something similar to the start of my file below:

#Y-haplogroup match analysis based on FGC yKNOT utility
#uses ISOGG tree: http://www.isogg.org/tree/index.html

================================================== ==========

Match #1: R-P312
*Extras: Z1518+, Y4010+, 50f2(P)+, Z14907+, CTS7550+, Y2550+, P80+, CTS1789+, CTS12019+, L1228+, M3629+, Z3327+, Z28+, FGC5628+, CTS12440+, PF2372+, M162_1*, FGC5085+, P266+, Z12253+, DYS257_2+, P27.2_2+, CTS616+, CTS2646*, M118+, M236+, Y2754+, FGC20667*, M141+, L665+, Z14350+, P34_5+, Z6859+, Z889+, L645*, Z13537*, Z6171+, Z1237+, FGC756+, BY451+, P19_1*, P79*, PF2276+, Z16986+, M5220+, FGC1920+, Z12467+, Z1842+, V161.1+, V190+, CTS6911+, CTS2518+, FGC4872+, Y5185*, Y2986+, Z1101+, Z15165+, IMS-JST022457+, S730+, S504+, Z836*, Z14050+, IMS-JST029149+, M1994*, L990+, P198+, Z16208+, PF3126+, Z2182*
|Matches: P312+, PF6547+, S116+
|Matches: L151+, PF6542+, L52+, PF6541+, P310+, PF6546+, S129+, P311+, PF6545+, S128+, PF6539+
|*No-calls: (being investigated as to placement: L11?, S127)?
|Matches: L51+, M412+, PF6536+, S167+

That shows that my current terminal SNP = P312 (and this concurs with a number of tests I've already undertaken).

The 'variant compare' and 'Haplogroup compare' reports will show your private SNP's once you've loaded them into a spreadsheet. These may not make much sense to you currently (mine certainly don't to me) but will be useful for analysis and mapping against future builds of the YTree as more people undertake testing. My understanding is that submitting the results to YFull and other projects (as appropriate) will help in this process.