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01-10-2018, 07:33 PM
Below are my father's scores on Eurogenes K36:

Amerindian 0.13
Basque 4.76
Central_Euro 4.77
East_Balkan 5.57
East_Central_Euro 3.11
Eastern_Euro 0.51
Fennoscandian 11.64
French 3.58
Iberian 17.09
Italian 5.50
North_Atlantic 18.09
North_Caucasian 8.25
North_Sea 16.18
West_Caucasian 0.83

He is American and all of his known ancestry is Western European. From what I have seen people with ancestry similar to his are usually 0-4% North Caucasian. Does anyone have ideas on what would cause an American of Western European ancestry to receive such a relatively high North Caucasian percentage. For reference, his non-Western European percentages assigned through commercial testing are 5% Caucasus, 1% European Jewish, and 1% Finland/Northwest Russian on AncestryDNA, and trace amounts of South Asian, Ashkenazi, and Sephardi on FTDNA myOrigins.

Any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!

01-10-2018, 08:59 PM
Out of topic:
Do you know what's interesing? There are West Caucasian and North Caucasian in the results. I checked my results to understand(58% North Caucasus according to Eurogenes K36) their referance populations and I can see that they have defined South Caucasus based on Armenians(which I have around 7% thanks to my Georgian great-great-grandpa). So my question is, what happened to East Caucasia then?
We define the region in Northeast and Northwest if we have to but not like this.

That is one queer way of defining the region. Linguistically, culturally and genetically Caucasus is usually defined in North and South. North Caucasians being Chechens, Ingush, Circassians, some ethnic populations from Dagestan and Abkhazians(even though Abkhazia is in the South). So I believe, reference population for West Caucasia were Abkhazians, which also belongs to North Caucasus group(maybe also some Circassians, but then again, Circassians are also a part of North Caucausia). I believe, you can think your dad's results as 9,08% North Caucasian.

About your question, don't take the percentages too literal. I have around 6% Italian and not a single Italian heritage in 300 years. That's probably nothing but ENF remnants in my DNA along with same amount of Near East.
9% is high of course but North Caucasian women were enslaved in Ottoman Empire and even in some parts of Europe. My wild guess, maybe a love child, rape, affair? Who knows.
Genuinely speaking, it is probably none of these. I wouldn't take it as a direct heritage if it is not in the family history.

Not sure if this helps you.

04-01-2018, 06:29 PM
Op I don't know but I'm Portuguese and get 5.16 West Caucasian I suspect it could be due to the Alani tribe that migrated to Portugal in the 5th century.

Amerindian -
Arabian 1.00
Armenian 0.74
Basque 6.14
Central_African -
Central_Euro 2.43
East_African -
East_Asian -
East_Balkan 1.19
East_Central_Asian -
East_Central_Euro 1.78
East_Med 2.21
Eastern_Euro 0.48
Fennoscandian 5.34
French 4.70
Iberian 31.15
Indo-Chinese -
Italian 14.16
Malayan -
Near_Eastern 0.06
North_African 3.54
North_Atlantic 6.67
North_Caucasian -
North_Sea 5.34
Northeast_African -
Oceanian -
Omotic 0.72
Pygmy 0.77
Siberian -
South_Asian -
South_Central_Asian -
South_Chinese -
Volga-Ural 0.49
West_African -
West_Caucasian 5.16
West_Med 5.95