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09-10-2013, 02:25 PM
L48 is the high growth but fairly young subclade of U106 and Z381. It is where the bias for 390=23 really shows up.

L47 and Z9 are the two large branches of L48 so let's take a look at the rest:

f95390 Grimes R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48** L48+ L47- Z9- L200- L693- L5- L6- P107- s38130148a- uas zzzUnkOrigin

f152964 Oehmann R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48** L48+ L47- Z9- L200- L693- s38130148a-1415 Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, Main-Tauber-Kreis, Oberlauda
f98898 Gysi R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48** L48+ L47- Z9- L200- L693- P107- s38130148a-42513 Switzerland, Basel-Stadt, Basel
f182162 Svoboda R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48* L48+ L132+ L47- Z9- L200- P107- s38130148a- uas Czech Republic, Bohemia, Pardubice
fN80434 Paroubek R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48** L48+ L132+ L477+ L493+ L47- Z9- L200- L693- P107- s38130148a-1415 Czech Republic, Plzen

fN87009 Anderson(Gothenburg) R1b-U106>Z381>Z301>L48** L48+ L47- Z9- L200- L693- s38130148a-56513 Sweden, Västergötland, Gothenburg

I see a more southerly orientation than I was expecting, other than Sweden.

England is conspicuously absent because there is plenty of L48 in England. Although not so conspicuous, Scotland is missing too.

Wing Genealogist
09-10-2013, 05:55 PM
If you look at the U106 Project http://www.familytreedna.com/public/U106/default.aspx?vgroup=U106&section=yresults and scroll down to Z381>Z301>L48+, Z9- , L47- (check L200, L693) Note: others see ZZZ Z381>Z301>L48 at bottom of list in green, you will see some additional L48+, L47-, Z9- kits.

Even so, they do support your comments about it being a small grouping (with the vast majority of L48+ folks positive for either L47 or Z9) and only a single haplotype indicating origin in the UK [Jones].

09-10-2013, 10:39 PM
Smucker joins Svoboda and Paroubek in the we come from Bohemia club. Smucker has Geno 2 results to show L48* membership

04-16-2014, 11:40 PM
Not sure if this is the best place to post but we have Full Y WHEADON results So I am posting in case this is helpful to others.

These High Quality NOVEL SNPS found
3474208 T C FGC12976+
4061993 T G FGC12977+
4310118 A G FGC12978+
4345094 T C FGC12979+
4838141 A C FGC12980+
5686716 T C FGC12981+
5834072 A G FGC12982+
8400112 T C FGC12983+
8873624 C G FGC12984+
13516574 G A FGC12985+
13628117 G T FGC12986+
13821923 C T FGC12987+
13981514 C T FGC12988+
13989222 G T FGC12989+
14066161 T C FGC12990+
14116787 G A FGC12991+
14409481 T G FGC12992+
16543146 T A FGC12993+
17426014 T C FGC12994+
17507797 C A FGC12995+
17982353 C G FGC12996+
18025695 G T FGC12997+
18150933 A G FGC12998+
19137924 C T FGC12999+
20811451 G T FGC13000+
21881432 A G FGC13001+
23083175 C G FGC13002+
23497450 A G FGC13003+
23870366 G A FGC13004+
28555688 C T FGC13005+

These shared but not necessarily placed---not sure.
23159034 A G S1726+
19557140 T C S1718+
7585543 T A S5231+
21273480 G T FGC12972+
16213502 A C S5235+
5964777 G A FGC12973+
13253314 G T rs78180163 FGC7965+
22798745 C A FGC12974+
6039398 T G FGC12975+


04-17-2014, 02:42 PM
I have a personally strong belief that there is a geographical division between part of the L48* group. To me it looks like those in the L200 group seem to have an origin for there families in Southern Germany, while those of us who are not seem to come from Northern Germany. Any thought?