View Full Version : Australian Sailor J1c12

Torc Seanathair
01-17-2018, 03:43 AM
Effort to identify 1941 remains of Australian sailor from HMAS Sydney, Australian Navy's worst loss at sea. MtDNA J1c12.
"Iím a scientist assisting the Australian Navy with identification of an Australian sailor killed in WW2. We think he may have had Irish ancestry so Iím trying to find people who have done a mtDNA test and their mtDNA haplogroup is J1c12. Perhaps you could post something ... asking for anyone with a J1c12 mtDNA haplotype to get in touch with me via email [email protected] Thanks!
I will post a link to a website so you can see what it is all about."


04-08-2018, 07:30 AM
Well, I have j1c17. Close but not a match.