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01-20-2018, 05:10 AM
Hello guys, i m a new member. I studied a bit about r1a(my haplogroup) and i want to know more about this subclade of Z280. I have my direct paternal ancestry relate with Northeastern Italy(Santa Caterina di Tretto a village of Schio in Vicenza,Veneto). Some sources said that this village that my paternal ancestor came was founded by Bavarians and Austrians(From Tirol), i want to find more information about this specific branch of r1a, it appers to be related with Carpathian slavs or even south slavs(Slovenians and Croatians). This subclade is a bit common in Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia(7.4% of the men have this subclade), but i dont even know how this clade went to italy and which tribes it is related, also i want to made a map about it and catch a lot of info about this haplogroup. I made y67 and snps(Y2613) in Family Tree Dna but nobody gave me info about it, just the basic.