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02-05-2018, 03:45 PM
Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish cuisines are similar in many ways. Often, the dishes have similar names. I suspect Slovak cuisine maybe similar. There's a diverse cuisine of Slavs living in the Balkans.

I will start with a traditional Belarusian dish called Khaladnik. It's a cold beetroot soup made in summer. The video is only two minutes long.


02-05-2018, 04:00 PM
Rye bread was staple food. Some rye bread took several days to cooked at 4 to 6 stages. Some modern day example where rye flour is mixed with wheat flour.




02-05-2018, 04:06 PM
Polish soup Zhurek. In western Belarus people also cook this soup.


02-06-2018, 11:59 PM
Croatian food, very complex topic. :)



02-24-2018, 11:11 AM
Steak Tartare was for dinner yesterday but I sleep early, so I will eat now at 6am for breakfast as true Slav :)

02-24-2018, 11:16 AM
My wife says Bigos.. with pork or chicken cutlet, and mashed potatoes.

02-24-2018, 11:18 AM
My wife says Bigos.. with pork or chicken cutlet, and mashed potatoes.

We eat sometimes Bigos, my dad likes a lot.

04-05-2018, 08:52 AM
Im not very familiar with Slavic cusine I honestly admit, but from a Russian friend I once had a soup, it was called, if I say corrected; borscht...

04-09-2018, 10:06 PM
Russian pelmeni with soured cream hits the spot for me. I lived there for some years and remember freezing one beautiful winter's day in the countryside and then the pure pleasure of pelmeni and vodka in the warmth. Polish food is on the same top level as far as I'm concerned. I've certainly enjoyed bigos in Gdansk on a couple of visits. What a city...

04-10-2018, 02:29 AM
My grandmother was Slovakian and moved with her parents to New York City when she was a small girl. The one dish of hers that my dad made a lot of me growing up was goulash. Although looking up the wikipedia page it seems maybe it was the American goulash version he always made. Aww, that makes me sad. My great grandparents ran a grocery in Manhattan but looks like whatever dishes they knew growing up never made it to my dad.