View Full Version : Northern Mexican DNA.LAND vs Ancestry DNA results

02-06-2018, 03:26 AM
A few days ago I posted my acestry dna results, Mexican from the northern state of Chihuahua, now Iím posting both ancestry DNA and DNA.LAND results to compare them, let me know what you guys think, the Central Asian and South Asian results seem to be contstant, but one of you guys mentioned that it might be misrepresented Native American or West Asian, and why do you think about my African showing a lower percentage in my dna land? Africa North now included in Balkan Region? which results seem to be more accurate?

-West Eurasian 52%
Southwestern European 27%
Balkan 12%
Northwest European 6.6%
Central Asian 5.6% (Mid-Turkic 4.6%, Indus
Valley 1%)
Ambiguous 1%
-Native American 44%
-African 3.9%
Senegal River Valley 1.5%
Ambiguous 1.3%
East African 1.1%

Ancestry DNA
-Native American 45% (Chihuahua & Durango)
-Europe 42%
Iberian Peninsula 27%
Europe South 6%
Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
Finland/N.W. Russia 2%
Europe West 2%
Europe East <1%
European Jewish <1%
-Africa 7%
Africa North 2%
Africa S.E. Bantu 2%
Senegal <1%
Benin/Togo <1%
Mali <1%
-Asia 5%
Asia South 3%
Asia Central 2%
-West Asia 1%
Middle East <1%