View Full Version : Frequency of Haplogroup D2 in the Philippines

02-11-2018, 05:00 AM
Filipino exclusive and ''basal'' haplogroup D2 is thought to be extremely rare in the archipelago. However, based on more extensive sampling, it turns out that it's not as rare as you would believe. In a sample of 629 Filipino from Luzon, 6 belonged to D2 and in a generic sample of 169 there were 2 cases. This gives a total of 8/798 or 1%, so nothing extremely reduced here. It would be interesting to see whether some D could as well be found in neighboring Indonesia with larger sample sizes, so if anyone knows about some extensive study with Y-STR haplotypes included it would be interesting to check it out. I know that there were apparently a few reported cases of D in Malaysia and Indonesia but without the haplotypes nothing can be said. In fact, D is the least studied haplogroup and there are allegedly quite a few unresolved D* throughout mainland Asia.