View Full Version : Ancestry dot com vs. Eurogenes K36.

02-11-2018, 03:28 PM
I hear that people say eurigenes k36 looks at ancient ancestry I also read on ancestry dot com but they check back thousands of years which seems like ancient as well. I understand population samples can vary but can anyone explain why I would have less than 1% Iberian on one test but 16% on another why one would say I have 2% Italian and the other would say 6% Italian why one would say less than 1% Eastern European another would have about 10% Eastern European regions I don't understand the variances how can they be so different from one another when they're both checking ancient DNA. Population sampling shouldn't very that much it shouldn't be that great of a discrepancy or am I wrong for thinking that?

02-11-2018, 06:50 PM
I think K36 is looking at components, whereas Ancestry is trying to predict actual ancestry (Ancestry = more sophisticated oracle, maybe).

For example, if someone with Irish ancestry would, on average, score 9% on whatever it is that "Iberian" tests and you score 9% Iberian, and otherwise basically consistent with being 100% Irish, there would be no reason to identify Iberian as a separate component. You'd just get Irish. But if you do K36, you see the various components classified in certain ways.

If you score somewhat higher than average but everything else looks basically like an Irish mix, then maybe you get 98% Irish, 2% Iberian. But on the K36 components you'd get a higher number again.

Different combinations could result in the same basic mix, so figuring out what it is is just a guess (well, some kind of computer algorithm, I expect), especially since Irish people (to stick with the same hypothetical) have a variety of different mixes of these components to start with.

02-12-2018, 01:56 AM
im waiting on my 1st cousins GEDmatch kit to allow the one to many lists. our fathers were brothers.... we have similar admixture heritage but with respect to the Mediterranean.... my father gave me his English/German Y affected to what degree by his mother's Italian X, my cousin's father gave her his Italian/English/German X. our mothers were NW European only mixes.... I will be requesting assistance soon with our comparisons.... thanks.