View Full Version : Initial analysis of using YFull YSTR500 data for upcoming FTDNA YSTR500 data

02-16-2018, 04:04 AM
For those interested on the future impact of FTDNA's announcement of YSTR500, I created a spreadsheet and paper that discusses the issues and impact of YSTR500 some time this year. This was done by analyzing the 22 testers that are available in the YFull L226 group. This is a pretty heavy read but has some very interesting trends in YDNA testing under L226:


(http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/Analysis_of_L226_YFull_YSTR500_data.pdf) http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/YFULL_L226_Group_20180215A.xlsx (http://www.rcasey.net/DNA/Temp/YFULL_L226_Group_20180215A.xlsx)

I also pulled the R-L21 YFull data (487 testers) and the variation is not that different. Still working on fine tuning this information.