View Full Version : L4b2b, I can't find much about this haplogroup

02-22-2018, 12:38 PM
I'm seeking more information about my haplogroup "L4b2b". On 23andme it just states that it's rare and more information may be added when available. WEgene there's just a blank map and no information as well.

02-24-2018, 07:00 PM
My haplogroup is L4b2b but I don't find more information about it , but I think it is an African haplo, if you have some news tell me , thank you .

02-25-2018, 12:27 AM
It was brought up a while ago on a different forum.

02-25-2018, 03:20 AM
Hey, from what I gathered so far it is most likely from the Lemba tribe. Found someone with a Lemba grandmother and she has the same L4b2b dna. Believe they are East Africans who made their way south along the East coast of Africa. On gedmatch Lemba, bantu, and African Americans & Caribbean Americans were common population approximates. If you would like to pm me so that we can share and contrast DNA to pin point this then feel free because I've been confused for a few weeks now haha.

02-25-2018, 06:09 PM
There are 5 L4b2b samples in GenBank, you can see them listed with country of origin on Ian Logan's web page (http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/sequences_by_group/l4b_genbank_sequences.htm).

02-25-2018, 07:14 PM
L4b2b seems rare (unlike L4b2a) but not too localized. From one study it is found in the Lake Chad Basin in North Central Africa at ~1% overall, in Kanembu from Chad, Budu from Niger, and Hide from northern Cameroon. Another sample is from Equatorial Guinea, and another a Makrani from Pakistan (they have a lot of East African ancestry). Apparently another is from Lissongo people of Central African Republic or northern Democratic Republic of Congo, couldn't track it down.

Well "could be from anywhere" is not a good answer but there you go.

02-26-2018, 12:50 AM
Yeah.. I can't accept "could be from anywhere" haha, my mind does not work that way unfortunately. Think I'll stick with comparing and contrasting with others with L4b2a since no one else has figured this out yet going on 10+ years now. Oddly enough there are more African Americans and African Caribbeans with the same mtDNA than there is in Africa...strange.

After speaking with another L4b2b I do believe it to be from the Lemba bantu tribe. But I did have a small amount of South Asian and North African in my Dna as well so I'll look into that, thanks. Both of my parents did separate dna test today so I may update in 6-8 weeks.