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09-24-2013, 02:54 AM
I have seen a few articles about this in recent years. In the UK the upper classes have a tradition of sending their young children away for a 'Lord of the Flies' experience at posh boarding schools. This is often done without any necessity by the very rich. It is seen as an advantage to 'toughen them up' etc and give them all the old school tie connections etc. Problem is do you really want to

a. Send your little kids away
b. Toughen them up to be insensitive or damaged cold fish

Note that many of these people are very rich and have no need to do this. Its not the same as doing this out of necessity because of being in a military family etc. They chose to do this for reasons of traditions, snobishness and putting education and connections over a normal childhood for their kids.

After all being successful and high flying and well connected is not important and pointless compared to being a decent and happy human being.

To normal mortals the effect of this on the UK upper classes makes them stands out like a sore thumb and many are odd with children coming across like they are about 40 when they are 14. This creates a rather weird upper class in the UK, many of whom currently form the government. .


09-24-2013, 07:46 AM
I was a boarder between ages 10 and 15. My name went on the list when I was born courtesy of my grandfather who was an alumnus. He also assisted with the fees.

I didn't experience any of the nasty stuff mentioned in that article, nor did I feel isolated or unloved. My family visited every Sunday afternoon and I had one weekend home every month. And they were only a phone call away at other times.

Study and sport were emphasized, as was developing a degree of independence, and most of my contemporaries, certainly those from what was then called the "A" class, went on to be successful doctors, lawyers, CEOs, etc, as was expected of them.

I did ask to be able to finish my last 2 years at the local day school mainly because I wanted to re-establish links with kids that I'd grown up with -- not to mention girls! You do make very good friends at boarding school, often lifetime ones, but as they come from all over the countryside you can't easily keep in personal contact with them afterwards, although you may bump into them in the course of business years later.

That said, I guess boarding school does not suit every personality type and sending a kid there against his/her will would probably end in tears, literally and metaphorically.

11-04-2014, 12:11 AM
No surpries

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I mean surprise.