View Full Version : Help! Need help interpeting BAM files for Bavarian sample - possibly DF96!

03-30-2018, 06:07 PM
Hello all,

I downloaded ALH 1's 12.8 gb BAM file from the Bavarian elongated skulls paper and converted/processed it with the BAM analysis kit. Another user also found ALH 1 to be positive for one of the Z305-Z307 SNPs. I have run the sample and I see Z306 and Z307 showing up and also possibly a result for DF96... but I don't know how to interpret it as there are other SNPs from other haplogroups showing up?!? So I don't know whether this DF96 result is real or not, and wanted to ask the knowledgeable guys around here to take a look at it. I PM'ed Rich Rocca and will also ask Alex Williamson if he can take a look.. and maybe someone will read this and take a look. The fastq files are available also, but I don't know how to look at them!