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George Chandler
04-01-2018, 08:42 PM
I'm having trouble searching an answer for this online.

I'm wanting to test several different reptile types and have all males. What I wanted to do was test them the same way we test our Y chromosome SNP's for they ZZ chromosome. The females cary the ZW chromo for the sex determination in the same way human males carry the XY and the males have the ZZ in the same way human females carry the XX.

So my question is this..do the ZZ male SNP's behave or mutate at a rate that is similar still to the male Y or the female X? Does the female W chromosome SNP's behave more like the male Y and mutate more frequently and is passed on to the next generation? Remember I'm trying to compare the male linage but thinking it's being lost in the same way it's lost to female humans?

Any help is appreciated.


04-15-2018, 01:56 AM
You might be interested in this article:


It's related not to reptiles, but to a genus of fish that also happens to use a ZW system. I only skimmed through it, but it does seem to address your topic of interest.