View Full Version : DNA.Land interpretation of AncestryDNA and 23 & Me (v5) raw data

04-13-2018, 08:14 PM
Not sure if this requires its own thread or not (mods feel free to relocate as needed) but the results seem to be so different I cannot help but think its a result of the v5 chip 23 and me is now using.

The Ancestry DNA results are "in the ball park" although I cannot figure out the Slavic unless the 8-12% Swedish I have is showing as this...


Northwest European 33%
Northeast European 24% {North Slavic 17% Finnish 6.9%}
Mediterranean Islander 17%
South/Central European 15%
Southwestern European 11% {Sardinian 9.3% Southwestern European 1.4%}
Indo-Iranian 1.2%

23 & Me V5

Northwest European 47%
Sardinian 14%
Ashkenazi/Levantine 14% {Ashkenazi 8.7% Mediterranean Islander 5.2%}
Balkan 13%
North Slavic 9.1%
Kalash 1.9%
Ambiguous 1.4%

Note that between Ancestry and 23 and Me, ony 23 and Me showed Ashkenazi and at like 1%. Other transfers of AncestryDNA to MyHeritage, Gencove etc.. show anywhere between 2-4% Ashkenazi. I do have some relations in the 23 and Me family match tool that are Southern Italian Ashkenazi's so I cannot totally write that out as noise until I follow up on that.