View Full Version : A new subgroup of R1b-U152-L2-ZZ48 ?

Acque agitate
04-25-2018, 09:22 AM
I realized that on the FtDna page called "Haplotree & SNPs" among the subgroups of ZZ48 there is also the group consisting of 2 Anglo-Saxon samples identified by 10 snp (F15010 et al.). This circumstance seems to me possible because both the 2 samples have DYS449 higher than 29 (one of them reaches typical values of 33).
At the same time I verified that in Project R1b-U152 the same group is inserted directly under L2 without any relationship with ZZ48.
I have also tried to verify the membership of ZZ48 by analyzing their snp published on the R1b-U152 Project page, but also this way has not given answers because in this page it is not indicated whether the 2 samples are positive or not at ZZ48 .
Does anyone have any news about it?