View Full Version : E-Z16664*- thinking my surname line might be non British

04-30-2018, 07:33 AM
I am in paragroup E-Z16664*. Eupedia runs as follows E-V13 - E-L17 - E-Y18336 - E-Z16664. E-V13 is quite rare in the UK so I'm guessing going further downstream from there the rarer British members are. Unless of course it's a super rare British paragroup. I'm thinking it will be a long time before another E-Z16664* turns up .
There really isn't much info about E-Z16664 out there .

07-19-2018, 01:46 PM
Hi, I looked at the ytree of your haplogroup, and surnames where adopted around the middle ages period, Z166664 is older than that, much older, so I would not say your surname is non-british for now.There's not enough evidence, to assume so.

Just like me I have a weird clade, Z16242, which seems to be very English, but I have paternal Portuguese heritage, would my surname be non-portuguese?

07-19-2018, 01:52 PM
No sub-clade of E is British. These sub-clades existed long before England was a word.

11-16-2018, 11:18 PM
Kaipiro is right,you can see most frequented European haplogroups in Mongolians and some Chinese also.Autosomal result is important than haplogroup.

11-16-2018, 11:26 PM
Update: Y-Haplogroup: E-Y45878
Terminal SNPs: BY5213 • BY5214 • BY5216 • BY5220 • BY5221 • BY5222 • BY5229 • BY5230 • BY5232 • BY5233 • BY5234 • BY5235 • BY5236 • BY5237 • BY5241 • Y157255 • Y45878

With one other person with English ancestry. He appears to have Cornish ancestry. Gatty is supposedly Cornish,though whether it arrived in Cornwall from other places I don't know.

12-29-2018, 02:34 PM
E-Z16664 seems to be celtiberian branch with local British subclades. Perhaps, you really have relatively recent Cornish paternal ancestry.

01-24-2020, 11:06 PM