View Full Version : I thought it was noise

05-02-2018, 12:33 AM
I dismissed my <1% Europe south because it was so small. Then my grandmother tested and came out 12% Europe south with a range of 2%-21%. Likewise I dismissed my <1% Native American but when I built my tree I was shocked to find a Choctaw ancestor 6 generations back.

I guess my point is...sometimes there is basis to the low confidence regions

05-03-2018, 12:23 AM
That's very true although I will add that just because you have both doesn't necessarily mean that they're linked. If you could triangulate a segment through the Choctaw ancestor to distant cousins then you'd know for certain that the 1% came from there. Otherwise it's just likely to have come from there.

The joys of genetic genealogy, we're all playing the odds.