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05-11-2018, 03:47 PM
The Wolverine might be making a slow comeback in the Washington Cascades:


05-11-2018, 04:46 PM
excellent post, I have always been fascinated by these critters...I have never seen one around here, but their toughness is legendary

of course, there are many other reasons to like them, this is one I am fond of...


happy friday


06-04-2018, 08:37 AM
I smelled the skunk-like oder of either a skunk or a weasel yesterday. Walking back from the grocery store I smelled it at a few spots, likely where it left its scent marking. With the urbanization going on around here, I doubt that it was a skunk. Also, the odor was faint and not offensive. It was along a wet vegetated drainage ditch and then along a hedgerow. One guess is that it comes down from the wooded Samish Hill neighborhood across I-5 via a drainage pipe under the highway. There are rats down here along the open ditches, although some have been closed via culverts. Which weasel species is open to question, but the ermine (short-tailed Weasel) seems quite likely. Yeah, well, weasels are relatives of the Wolverine, and I didn't want to start a new thread on this unproven speculation.

06-04-2018, 10:25 PM
Some people hunt wolverines. ;)