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05-23-2018, 06:13 PM

"Apparently you have difficulty reading the Terms of Service."

I am sorry I wasn't clear. The Terms of Service is the focus of my objection. It is anti-scientific, and it needs to change. The problem is not just Anthrogenica, mind you, but the culture of western anthropology is the general problem. The culture is less ideological and more rational among non-Western anthropologists about such matters, but among Western anthropologists there is an ideological hatred against dividing the human species into biological races (with the exception of forensic anthropologists: they have no choice but to use races in their daily practice, though they may change the words). The culture is about to crash like a train wreck into genome-wide association studies, studies which will probably affirm the most hated "pseudoscientific" positions, positions that should have been treated as a default hypothesis from the beginning: group phenotypes tends to be group genotypes. To prepare, I think we need to open up discussion and debate. Otherwise, I fear the political far right will maintain a monopoly on the objective realities of human nature, and they will use their scientific monopoly to win the political mainstream.

05-23-2018, 06:24 PM
I think what caused the trouble was your use of some specific words, and obviously any public forum will try to maintain a certain level of political correctness in order to avoid offending anyone...

As an actual physical anthropologist, I agree with you, but the reality (both skeletal and genetic) is a little bit different than you'd put it, which did in fact seem a little out-dated.

If I could PM you I'd be a little more specific...

05-23-2018, 07:11 PM
The words seem like they could be offensive, but of course in scientific contexts they are not meant to be offensive, and they seem to be the only set of words that covers the whole human species with a small set of races. There is no other word that means, "caucasoid," and there is no other word that means, "mongoloid." Forensic anthropologists I have known have used clumsy substitutions for those words, and they were misleading. The caucasoids cover much more than just people with ancestry in Europe. Chances are that I agree with you on the key points (i.e. biological races are spectral and identifications are only intermediately certain), but I would be happy to talk with you by PM on such things. You can send the first PM.