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05-24-2018, 07:38 PM
I will try to make it easy to answer my questions.
What i found:
1\ A1b1 =Gives = A-M32=Gives=A-YP4735=Gives=A-M13=Gives=
PH2724( A-FGC60376)
This whole thing in This page.
Explaining: How did i reach to this A3b2 other name for A1b1b2b [old A3b2] M13,M63, M127, M202, M219, Page53, Page77/V10, PF1358/V193, PF1359/V89, PF1367/V243, PF1370/V66, V155, V305

My Kit#IN17301 This guy (IN16735) I think is a cousin of mine. I did the 37Y he did the BigY. that is why i think the above info are/correct.

2\ I am From Saudi Arabia from the Southeast-west part of KSA (The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). And I am from A tribe called Kindah (they are of J1-L93 and many others SNPs)

I have Yemeni Guy who is matched to me (predicted by FTDNA). I have people in Italy I think only 2. I was contacted from a guy claiming that he's from Kindah but he explained that Kindah (Sadaf) and Kindah (Kindah) are to different tribes but both from kindah. Please do not ask me how. i myslef have no clue. I do not understand XD. He also added that the difference between us (Him and I) is about 600 years. I tried to know his Kit# he refused-ish- at least till now. And he said that he has like 20 other people in a private project that has the same or little more matched to me.

Q1- I reached this wall I can not get any closer than 8000 years-ish
what should i do to make the years get closer to present time like 2-4 thousand years?
Q2- As an expert what do you see in these kit numbers I gave above?
I am not expert. I repeat I am NO EXPERT (xd).
Q3- What is the teriminal SNP how can i reach it?
The phrase Terminal SNP is generally used in conjunction with discussing Y DNA testing and haplogroup identification.(From google no idea what does it mean or rather how does benefit me).

I have other questions but i think this is too long.

I tried to give links to make it easier but i couldn't the Forum refuses to submit any Link like FTDNA or google drive.

06-08-2018, 03:16 AM
Hi there distant cousin :welcome:,

Here's a few links that'll give a good background of knowledge to some of your questions:

What's a Terminal SNP? - this blog defines it in very simple terms


What caused the spread of A-M13? Here's a great paper:

"The peopling of the last Green Sahara revealed by high-coverage resequencing of trans-Saharan patrilineages", (D’Atanasio, 2018 (https://genomebiology.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13059-018-1393-5))

Based on the SNPs you provided, you'd fall under what the aforementioned paper identifies as Branch 19. This branch includes the Sardinians and the Scot within subclade A-PH804:

Phylogenetic tree of A-M13 with branch 19 - Fig. 2 from the paper:

, aligned to the timeline (at the bottom). The ethno-geographic affiliation of the corresponding sample is represented by a circle, coloured according to the legend (bottom left). The last Green Sahara period is highlighted by a green belt in the background
Ytree screenshot:

Unfortunately there's not enough data to give a definitive answer but here's a brief rundown of a plausible scenario as to why your paternal lineage is A-M13:

1) It's worth noting A-M13 peaks in Southern-Sudanese Nilotes; this population is ancestral to this region before the neolithic
2) The Wet Sahara (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neolithic_Subpluvial) period beings around ~7500 BC enticing Nilotic hunter gatherers to follow the northerly tropical monsoon rains.
3) This initiates a sprawl of migrations including a significant one towards the Central Sahara and perhaps less so in surrounding North-African regions. Judging by the amount of ancient A-M13 variation (https://anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?10115-A-M13-%96-GD-Comparison-using-the-Y-DNA-Comparison-Utility-(*53-kits-20-Countries)) in SW-Asia, its likely some migrated easterly and crossed the Arabian Peninsula as this region was also less arid during these times.
4) Your closer connection to the Sardinians/UK A-M13s might be broadly interpreted to mean your paternal lineage lived within and around EEF populations in and around the levant -- these populations had minor ancient East-African ancestry from this period in antiquity -- this isn't to be conflated with African ancestry from recent post Arab-Slave trade

Here's more on the subject of East African ancestry with mention of it's ancient spread within the Arabian Peninsula and it's affinity among modern pops reaching as high as ~15% in some instances: The East African cluster - Anthromadness (http://anthromadness.blogspot.com/2015/02/the-east-african-cluster.html)

08-31-2018, 10:52 PM
Thanks NiloSaharan. However, we (I) got no where. the Yfull page of A-M13 gotten bigger but no where near a tribe or people who lived in one place. They are all over the place :) . Any new info?