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05-26-2018, 11:54 PM
I have been looking around for this information, but I only find weird stuff online.

This thread is all over the place, but I didn't want to hog the forum with keep starting threads. This covers all of the Asian region, but I saw it really didn't fit the sub-forums since I'm not sure of my family's ancestry, and real family. I'm not sure if it's Hindi, Turkic or anything else. Also, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Okay, I have mentioned before that my mother was put up for adoption long ago by a royal family in the Middle East, leaning towards the Hashemites of Jordan. However, she also has family and has lived in Russia as well. I know Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, India, Egypt and others have some relation too.

I was wondering if anyone in any other place has heard of the Drumgole family, also spelled Drumgoole, Drumgold. This is the family who adopted my mother. Also Lindy Boggs who owned an adoption agency. I thought the information would be easy to find since my mother's family is wealthy and well known, but it's not.

I ran across a scandal about Catholic churches selling babies, and I do remember the adoptive family mentioning a Catholic hospital, church and how my mother was picked up at a prison. Like maybe she was born in a jail? I was looking for things related to this in the 1970 when my mother was born.

I also have been learning about the Hashemites ancestry, DNA through the maternal line and paternal line because one of my mother's parents came from the Hashemites I believe. The other from Russia. I can't find any clues for Russia at all, well, some clues but not much.

Is there a possibility my mother's adoption or how she was taken from her family mentioned at all? It seems like a kept secret though... I am worried about finding out what kind of family my mother came from too.

05-27-2018, 01:27 AM
I wonder are there other ways to finding my exact haplogroup and stuff? 23andme and Ancestry.com failed my family.

06-02-2018, 07:53 AM
I wonder are there other ways to finding my exact haplogroup and stuff? 23andme and Ancestry.com failed my family.

Do you have any known biological male relatives ie. Mother's brother? That's who you need to test to get your exact haplgroup.
23andme should have at least pointed you in a decent direction. For deep y-HG testing you are going to need to use FTDNA.

If your y-DNA is O, the link the Hashemites is doubtful, as it is widely posited they are J1e or something in that vain. However, given the ambiguity of your y-HG at the moment, don't draw any inferences yet.

As far as looking for information about the Drumgole family or the adoption agency. I think that question is best posed separately in the Genealogy sub-forum (https://anthrogenica.com/forumdisplay.php?5-Genealogy). You will have better luck there for that specific part of your puzzle.

Who has been tested in your family thus far? Can you post some admixture results? We may be able to get a sense if Arab, Turkish, Indian, or what have you, is more likely over the other.

06-03-2018, 08:34 AM
No, only the adoptive family, and I've been trying to tell 23andMe that her results were based upon the adoptive family because they even admitted they couldn't pin point her ancestry or real DNA relatives. Recently I tried talking to them, but they kept getting defensive and saying I'm a troll because I said it was inaccurate. No one could help me since they don't even know children in the Middle East and Russia have been adopted internationally.

Yes, I did read that about their haplogroup. I just was curious after reading how the adoptive family and the Hashemites have known each other personally, which I was curious if they were able to adopt my mother. I just know the family was wealthy.

I just didn't want to be annoying and keep starting threads. I will post there, thanks.

My mother has been tested, but unfortunately also the people who adopted her. I studied the adoptive family's ancestry, and I know the admixture is the adoptive family's. I am confused though because the results keep changing entirely, especially from Ancestry.com. It is based upon what my step-grandma told them to do. Because she got on the phone and pleaded for my mother's results to match hers because she is afraid. I bought a kit from 23andMe, but I don't want it to be matched with the adoptive family. I can still share the results, although it is from the adoptive family.

06-03-2018, 09:39 AM
Oh, I do remember posting there before, and it was suggested to post in the international section due to no expertise on the Middle East. I could post again maybe wording it differently.

06-03-2018, 10:45 AM
OK, so if I am understanding this correctly:

Your mother has been tested; her adoptive family has also been tested; you are suspicious of your mother's results because you believe the adoptive family influenced 23andme to have your mother's results match theirs?

Question 1: Does 23andme show your mother and the adoptive family as being related?
Question 2: Are their admixture profiles similar on 23andme?
Question 3: Have you tested yourself? Do you match your mother solely, or also the adoptive family?
Question 4: Do you, your mother, and adoptive grandmother all share the same mtDNA haplogroup?
Question 5: Have you uploaded any of these kits to Gedmatch.com?
Question 6: Have you tested (or will consider testing) your mother with a different company to validate/invalidate the 23andme results?
Question 7: When you say your mother's results "match" with the adoptive family, to whom from the adoptive family, and what exactly do you mean by match? Is she shown as the biological daughter?
Question 8: Does the adoptive family contest that your mother was adopted?
Question 9: When you say you "don't want to match" the adoptive family, are you expressing that you don't want them to see your results, or that you are afraid that you may indeed match with them (implying that your mother was not adopted)?
Question 10: Are there legal ramifications for being biologically-related or not-related?
Question 11: Are you looking to understand the historical ethnicity of your mother's side to confirm/deny the relationship to your adoptive family, or is that a separate curiosity?
Question 12: Is your goal to just know more about her background from a neutral standpoint (ie. no fear of influence from adoptive family); basically you are just looking for an unbiased 2nd opinion.

A simple solution would be for you to test with a different company, like FTDNA or AncestryDNA and don't tell anyone. This way you eliminate any chance of real or perceived influence. Then if you have access to your mother's kit, and one kit from your adaptive family (or at least their Gedmatch upload) we can compare and see if you are indeed all related or not. This can be done without any worry of 23andme being involved, and you can have some confirmation if your mother's kit was tampered with (because you should be similar to your mother). This is just a basic path, but I think you understand the flow of my logic -- whatever your goal is that you want to discover, you can achieve it without worry of people influencing it. However, I am getting the sense that your biggest worry is confirmation of something you don't wish to be true. In that regard, only you can decide best on how to proceed.

06-03-2018, 11:11 AM
Yes both my mother and the adoptive family have been tested, actually several have been tested. Yes, my mother and I do believe this because she did get different results at first on Ancestry.com, but when finding out we connected with their family tree on both sites because at the time, we didn't know they were not our family, the results completely changed to fit the adoptive family.

Yes, actually both 23andMe and Ancestry.com are saying we are related, they even give us DNA relatives who are a part of the adoptive family. When talking to 23andMe, and their genealogists as so they say they are, everyone is trying to convince us we are related to the adoptive family, and my mother wasn't adopted, but we have evidence she was adopted internationally.

There are many profiles that they claim match my mother's results, but mostly they are basing the DNA relatives on the adoptive family and my mother's last name, which is not her maiden name. We don't know the real surname of her biological family on either side.

I never have been tested because of the huge inaccuracy, and I worried about it just basing my results upon the adoptive family too. I am not sure which other company would separate our results.

It does sort of match the mtdna according to these companies. Actually since I have done research on the adoptive family, I have seen how similar the Middle East DNA can be to their DNA, but there are differences in them that doesn't make them the same, but if they're not willing to do the work, then they set the results at default. I am curious though if we actually do share the same mtdna. My step-grandma never actually shared her results with us, but other members it is saying it does match.

I just considered uploading it on Gedmatch.com, but I wasn't sure if I should since it was from not her own ancestry.

My mother is shown to be related to the adoptive family only because of the family tree, and what she identifies with.

Match meaning I don't want the companies to claim the adoptive family is our family when they are not. There is evidence, and people have told us things, but they are not willing to share the adoption story. I found adoption papers in foreign languages. I found out she could have been illegally adopted somehow. I just want the true results and not something based upon the family.

My mother and I both would like to get answers. For years we've identified as the adoptive family's ethnicity, and we want to know our real ancestry. My mother also would like to get answers to her adoption mystery.

I am looking to get results that is accurate and that would link us to our real ancestry and family. My mother doesn't want to meet them, but just closure.

We have tried two already, but if there is one more accurate, we would be interested. We have been thinking of a DNA test to see if my step-grandma is really her mother, in which we already know she's not, but she won't admit it, and yet she shares some stuff that makes it obvious she's not.

There is evidence and proof she was adopted, and I just want someone to tell the truth.

06-03-2018, 11:22 AM
OK, an idea. Test yourself on FTDNA. I take it your mother has adoptive sibling who has been tested? If you have access to their gedmatch kit, we can compare your results to theirs and your mother's via Gedmatch 1-1 comparison. Also, many users here can analyze the kits themselves, but I doubt you have access to the raw data files of your adoptive family. You should share ~50% with your mother. If they are a true sibling they will share ~50% with your mother (or this may occur if your theory that your mother's results have been tampered with). However, your kit will be the true test: a true aunt/uncle would share ~12-25% with you; and since you tested on your own with a different company, you have a way to see if that is case or not. This is one way for you to confirm/deny the relationship for your own knowledge without needing access to your step-grandmother's kit. You don't even need the step-siblings kit, a step 1st cousin, 2nd cousin, or uncle/aunt also works. Because if you aren't related, there shouldn't be any % shared (or at least it will be negligible). Now if you are sharing 17.something% with someone who is your adoptive aunt or uncle ... well then we can say with some confidence that they aren't adoptive -- they are indeed your relatives.

06-03-2018, 11:32 AM
In the meantime, I would suggest uploading your mother's kit to gedmatch.
Whether the results are true or not, we can look at the numbers and see if we noticed anything Middle Eastern or S/SC/C Asian about them.

06-03-2018, 12:10 PM
I will upload it on Gedmatch.com. the others won't give us access nor would they be willing to test them. People who have tested are like distant cousins. I am seeing how obvious it is, the results and matches are based upon the adoptive family's family tree because we connected with them on their family tree. My mother has said the step-grandma is her mother, and that's what it is based upon.

It is showing this, a percentage of shared DNA, but the DNA results is not my mother's real ancestry from her real family, but the adoptive family. There is too much evidence showing they're not related. I will see what will become of this, uploading it, although the adoptive family's DNA doesn't show the Middle East or any Asian ancestry. I am looking over the sites.

I need it to point to the people who my mother lived with before she was adopted.

06-03-2018, 08:35 PM
Now Gedmatch allowed it to be uploaded after telling them it is my mother's file, no one else's....

Here is another incident we found out. AncestryDNA and 23andMe fused my mother's information with a woman who is related to the adoptive family. She has the exact same name as my mother, and there is suspicion my mother has been trying to pretend to be her. This woman is dead. It's weird it's almost like my mother doesn't exist because there is no records or anything of her, only what the adoptive family provided for her. I did research on this woman, and the adoptive family is a mixture of African, European and Native American. Some in the family are actually direct descendants of well known Native Americans. This woman in particular was a slave on a plantation.