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05-28-2018, 06:19 PM
My sister's Ancestry results just came in, so I am comparing us on Gedmatch.

Started with K13 -- results are Me (Ancestry)/Her (Ancestry):

N. Atlantic: 45.08/46.44
Baltic: 25.78/24.51
W Med: 12.47/13.73
W Asian: 7.1/9.19
E Med: 5.47/2.85
Red Sea: 0/1.21
S Asian: 1.99/0
E Asian: 0/0
Siberian: 0/0
AmerInd: 1.31/0.82
Oceanian: 0.58/0.9
NE African: 0.22/0.34
Subsaharan: 0/0

Our Ancestry was:

Scandinavian: 28/43
Irish/Scottish/Welsh: 19/20
Europe West: 42/10
Great Britain: 4/11
Europe South: 3/5
Iberian: 2/8
Caucasus: 2/2
Finnish/NW Russian: 0/<1

I think her high Iberian is because they stuck her English mostly in Scandinavian and mine mostly in Europe W, so my Iberian fit in with the result and hers had to be accounted for separately.