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06-08-2018, 03:42 AM

06-08-2018, 06:12 AM
Roberta Estes, a well known genetic genealogy blogger (among other things), has been involved in the Lost Colony search. My wife and I drove down to Hatteras and attended a program there in April, 2011 when she and the (then) recently retired mayor of Bideford, England, Andy Powell, shared the podium. It was held in the social hall of the firehouse in Avon, NC -- about the only public space large enough, on that little strip of sand. AFAIK Roberta is still admin of a Lost Colony DNA project at FTDNA, though I think it hasn't been very active lately.

I only happened to hear about that program because I had just posted WWII vintage photographs of the NC Outer Banks US Coast Guard stations, for which my dad had served as Chaplain for about half a year in 1944-45. The next installment of the same blog mentioned Roberta's upcoming visit (not her first). https://hatgensoc.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/roberta-estes-lcrg-guest-speaker-at-the-april-12th-higps-historypotluck-dinner/

I've sent Roberta a link to this new article. And I look forward to reading the late Ivor NoŽl Hume's report about a dig there in the 1990s, that was apparently suppressed by the National Park Service at the time he wrote it. They really, really don't like to be told that fifty years ago they built a parking lot over the original site, or similar snafus. In their halfhearted defense, they never have enough funding to do all the work that needs urgently to be done, let alone redone. And somebody in Congress, with the final say-so over the NPS budget, almost invariably is even more clueless.