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06-08-2018, 08:31 PM
I thought for sure there had been some general post about Bee's, especially since the last few years there have been a ton of concerns about them dying off and such, but I could not find it...so

I like to snap pics and I have been lucky enough to get a few nice pics of bee's enjoying my spring flowers over the last few years
...so, I thought some might be interested
-the 'fat bee' one is from today so there is no problems with them going hungry around my place :)






06-08-2018, 10:55 PM
Ever gone out on a relatively cold morning and stroked a bee's fuzzy back? I have. When it's in the 40's F they can barely move, so they don't sting. However, I am not recommending you try it or guaranteeing that you won't get stung, so don't blame me if you screw up and get nailed. But I've done it.

06-09-2018, 12:04 AM
I put out tubes for the native Orchard Mason bees around my area. Not a big colony but I generally have bees use the tubes every year. They're not a lot of fuss; once the eggs are laid the bees die off and the tubes put away til the next spring.

02-21-2019, 06:00 PM
World's biggest bee found:


06-23-2019, 05:46 PM
here are a few pics of a handsome little fellow working the flowers next to my patio
we had a cold miserable spring, so the last week has been finally, very warm and nice and both the plants and critters are practically exploding with delayed life



anyway, the last several years, it has gone out of fashion to use any pesticides on the lawns in my neighborhood and I really have noticed a lot more bee's in my yard...which is only good as far as I am concerned

...part of that, is that the gov. put in new rules a few years ago and most of the effective weed killers are outlawed now

...but also, the front line environmental realities and a real push to help bee's and let the weeds (dandelions) grow as they are one of the first foods available for them has been a very successful local campaign
...in any case, being practical, when no one else hits the dandelions, there is no point in you wasting time and money...which is also fine as I always prefered more of a semi wild/ more natural look to the yard, as opposed to a super crafted, plucked and groomed type some of the OCD types do

anyway, it was a lovely warm day here, finally and I was rewarded with some nice flower and yard pics


06-24-2019, 12:02 PM
World's biggest bee found:


Well, that could be nightmare fuel for some people. Sheesh, that is a large bee.

I've noticed less bees (including bumblebees) so far this year, wasp population seems the same. I still see way more flies but that might be reflective of where I live :lol:, damn farmland always attracting flies.