View Full Version : problems with pics in post

06-13-2018, 02:06 PM
hey guys

the last few days I have been having all sorts of squirrelly problems with pics I attach to my posts

for instance, a few days ago I posted 4 pics in 1 post...the top 2 did not show automatically as they usually do, but the name of them was 'live' and if you clicked on them you could see them, but the last 2 of the post showed up normally, as in a mini pic of the pic you click on to see full size

I posted something today and the pic does not show in miniature but also, when you click on it, it shows the file on my computer the pic is held in, not the pic itself...!!!!

this random goofy stuff with pics has been going on for several days, but only today is the glitch so bad you cant see the pic, or at least, I cant on todays 'cat' pic I posted in the "oldest steppe bell" thread


thanks for any help mods/admins and please fix if you can today post