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10-17-2013, 08:09 PM
I didn't think I'd be getting this but a US-based cousin has offered to send me the kit over the border, so I am curious to know what others' experience of this is.

I do hear that their ancestry analysis is sometimes odd, and that the matches are hard to wade through. Is it worth it? What are your experiences?

Wing Genealogist
10-17-2013, 09:59 PM
Ancestry just updated their DNA analysis, and it did a great job (from what I can tell) with my own personal results. At the present time I would rate their results as better than FTDNA or 23andMe (at least until they come up with a new update).

One thing going in Ancestry's favor is that they do have the DNA from the SMGF which they purchased. These results matched DNA with pedigrees.

Joe B
10-17-2013, 10:12 PM
CeCe Moore just sent an email and good review.
This is the press release from Ancestory.
AncestryDNA™ Now a More Comprehensive DNA Test for Exploring Ethnic Origins (http://corporate.ancestry.com/press/press-releases/2013/10/AncestryDNA-Now-a-More-Comprehensive-DNA-Test-for-Exploring-Ethnic-Origins/)

The journey of many African American’s ancestors can be difficult to research using historical records alone, as most lose the paper trail around the 1870s or before. But now thanks to expanded capabilities that detail African ethnicity into 10 regions, including 6 different countries/regions within Western Africa, AncestryDNA will help people of African descent better understand where their ancestors came from and the cultures of those places, in a way never before possible.

Previously identified as one ethnicity group, the British Isles is now broken down to expanded regions, divided into Great Britain and Ireland. This development provides additional insight to the approximately 21% of Americans who claim Irish or English heritage.

Southern Europe is also now separated into two groups including, the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Italy/Greece, providing more detail for those with Mediterranean heritage where historical records are less likely to be available.

10-17-2013, 10:58 PM
Thanks both. Sounds like it is worth the $100.

05-14-2014, 09:02 PM
Here's a comparison of matches where a son and both parents have tested at ancestry.

son's total number of matches 6683 (results received May 14, 2014)

matches shared with father 1197 - 18%
matches shared with mother 1752 - 26%
matches that are not shared with either parent 3734 - 56% :\

matches shared with both parents 56 - 0.8%

Here's a breakdown of the close and moderate matches.
99% confidence parent/child: 4 (match both (parents and 2 sons)) :)
99% confidence Close-1st cousin: 1 (1 maternal)
99% confidence 1st-2nd cousin: 1 (1 paternal)
98% confidence 3rd-4th cousin: 1 (1 maternal)
96% confidence 4th-6th cousin: 3 (2 maternal, 1 neither)
95% confidence 4th-6th cousin: 25 (16 maternal, 9 paternal (includes 2 both), 2 neither)
moderate confidence 5th-8th cousin: 403 (200 maternal, 196 paternal (includes 7 both), 14 neither)