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07-11-2018, 07:39 PM
A friend of mine is adopted and never knew her mother does anyone know where it is mostly found?

07-12-2018, 07:48 PM
H6a1b2 is my haplogroup and my family are from Ireland. However, I don't know where the haplogroup actually originates. These are the number of project members in the H project with the locations named that have H6a1b2:

Ireland 8
England 7
Sweden 4
Finland 3
Norway 2
UK 2
Spain 2
Luxembourg 1
Turkey 1
Wales 1
Denmark 1
Poland 1
France 1
Brazil 1
Scotland 1
Portugal 1
Italy 1

I've attached a map of locations of maternal ancestors of people with H6a1b2 haplogroup.

07-14-2018, 10:36 AM
Going by where it's most prevalent, it would appear to be from the UK or Ireland. However, most testers probably have ancestors from these locations which is why it may be higher. Its high presence in Scandinavia makes me think that it could have originated there. However, this website https://paulbrooker.posthaven.com/h6-ancient-mt-dna would makes it seem like it could be Roman related since it was found in a Romano-British person in York from around 100-400 AD. It's hard to know with such a small sample size as to where it originated from.

This article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3444479/ suggests that H6a1b protects from Alzheimer's disease. However, I know that my maternal grandmother's sister and my great grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. Perhaps it would have been worse if they didn't have the protective haplogroup and may have had another gene that caused it negating the effect of the hapogroup.

07-18-2018, 07:29 AM
Wow this is so interesting thank you for the extra information :) itís much appreciated indeed.

07-18-2018, 08:18 AM
I see that there is one ancient H6a1b2, and it is from the British Isles: Scotland Middle Bronze Age Pabay Mor Western Isles, I2655, c. 1350 BCE H6a1b2

There are many ancient H6a1a and H6a1b finds but only one H6a1b2.

You can check if mutations match any of the samples on Ian Logan site: http://www.ianlogan.co.uk/sequences_by_group/h6a1b_genbank_sequences.htm

10-11-2018, 10:01 PM
Just thought that I might provide a bit of an update from FTDNA. These are the locations given on the Haplotree (https://www.familytreedna.com/public/mt-dna-haplotree/H) on FTDNA. Going by this, it could be Irish with 62 testers being Irish out of 489. There might just be more Irish because a lot of people of Irish descent seem to test with FTDNA. It's hard to know with mtDNA where haplogroups originated.

For such a large number having the haplogroup, I only have 19 matches with the closest being a genetic distance of 2 which is less than my dad's number of matches by nearly 20 and he has two genetic distance of 0 matches even though his haplogroup seems to be rarer. None of them give locations but there seems to be some Irish surnames at least.